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Computational Fluid Dynamics - in Practice

CFD has emerged as an established tools for design and research not only for Aerospace Technology, Space Science and Mechanical Engineering but in numerous discipline one can think ...

This web site was started to consolidate our efforts in developing and exercising CFD and numerous model building codes / software. We focus on improving the quantitative accuracy of flow prediction techniques thus establishing greater confidence in numerical simulations. We are also working and promoting the open source code development thus by making CFD cost-effective for a much broader range of projects and industries.

We offer technical engineering services for flow modeling and heat transfer problems. We offers expertise in engineering analysis and consulting services to a variety of industries, including aerospace, chemical processing, civil-structural, electronics cooling, turbo machinery and renewable energy (wind and water turbines ).

  As not everything that we can offer covered here, so if you would like to know more about our services, let us know.


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